Okay, so here's the deal, any mangas or stuff that I have scanned or will scan, will be hidden from public view. So if you want them, you can comment here and I'll add you.
Also, do not upload any of my scans to any image site without proper credit.

Dreams and Fantasies

Sorry for not posting anything in a while!! Work and gaming have gotten the better of me ^-^

Over the past week, I've been seriously contemplating blowing lots of money on a trip to Japan at the end of the year. I've want to go Japan for years now, not just to shop, but to experience the scenery as well. I've got enough time off that I can take a week off, so leave time wouldn't be an issue.

I dunno, I've still got some time before I need to decide.....

It's Here!

Look what came in the mail!

I was originally confused when this huge box arrived at my house, I ws like, "WTF, a huge box for one little game?" Then I opened it and was like, "Duh, the pre-order is fairly large, that's why."

Note: Eevee is guarding my prize from anyone suspicious ^-^  Eevee<3

Here are some pics of the inside of the pre-order

So I played through the childhood arc last night. Battles were sluggish and felt unresponsive, Meh. I get to the start of the adolescence arc and it's like totally different, the battles felt fast paced and I could finally flex my battle abilities. I spent the rest of the night leveling up Asbel's Kyle costume ^-^ which I'm not even going to use cause I think it's kinda ugly. I haven't gotten around to playing the pre-order disk yet.

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Bah, Haven't updated in a while. I finally got back into finishing Vesperia. Everyone is now max level (which didn't take long in the Labyrinth of Memories) and I spend almost 1 1/2 hours editing everyone's skills. So far, I have Yuri, Flynn, Rita, Estelle, and Patty's cameo costumes from the arena. After I finish the arena, I'll descend into the telescopic graveyard (or whatever people call it) and eliminate Spiral Draco.

Just out of curiosity, anyone gonna get Tales of Graces F when it comes out?
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Arc Rise Fantasia

Ah Arc Rise Fantasia, you can easily go from tolerable to ear splitting bad in an instant. I don't really have any large complaints about the VA for the main characters other than they just sound awkward at times. The only main character that is irritating after a while is Rastan, because he loudly exhales at the end of every sentence and is generally 'breathy'. On of the NPCs made me cringe in horror earlier today. I mean.....I don't care if you haven't spoken in 10 years.....your voice still shouldn't sound that horrible!

I actually got my first game over today. I was battling the boss in the Dragon Prison (2nd visit) and he wiped the floor with me. I reloaded and played around until I found out that starting a Trinity Attack with a non physical attack didn't cause the boss to reflect any damage I deliver. The 2nd time around, I annihilated him.

Now I gotta figure out which Rogress I wanna try for. I'm at the point where I can go to the 4 places on the map and bond with the Rogress there. However, I can only bond with 2 since I got Refunga (I just call her...fungus) from the beach battle.

On a side note...Yay for new tales ps3 game and yay for TOG on PS3. Now, I can get Graces! and if Nancobadai fails to bring the new tales game to the US, at least I'll still be able to buy and play it.


Finally decided to getting around to selling some of the figures that I have. All figures come with their boxes and are still in the plastic. Shipping will be $5 unless otherwise stated. I'll accept Money order and Paypal and figures will be shipped upon receiving payment. If you would like to buy a figure, please post below with who you want, and I'll send you a private message with more information. Collapse )
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Gonna be selling some Prop Plus Petit Tales of Series figures and some Tales of Symphonia figures as well soon as I figure out how to ship them X-X

Those small flat rate boxes aren't big enough to hold the figure boxes, and padded envelopes might work with the PPP figures, but defiantly not the TOS figures. I guess the only option I have is to ship them in as small a box as I can find.

For anyone curious, I'll be posting images and cross posting everything after I sort out the shipping thing, but here's a list of what I'm selling:

PPP figures:
- Yuri w/repede (I have 2)
- Asbel w/sword
- Leon w/sword
- Lloyd version A and B w/gummy
- Kratos version A and B w/ gummy
- Luke version A and B w/ different Mieus

TOS: Figures:
- Kratos Variant A
- Lloyd Variant A and B
- Presea Variant A
- Genis Variant A
- Zelos Variant A and B
- Colette Variant A and B
- Sheena Variant A and B

All the figures come with the boxes.
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New Game +

So I finally got around to starting a new game + on TOV. Here is a list of some of the things I carried over:

- 10x EXP
- 99Items
- all artes and usage
- monster kills
- x2 gald
- titles
- Misc small things
- increased overlimit gauge

My plan is to annihilate anything that moves, get as close to max level as possible, destroy Spiral Draco and the arena.
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Can't Resist the Cuteness....

Blah, not much has happened this month aside from starting my new job at the beginning of this month. I'm still kinda bummed that I didn't know that they withhold your first paycheck(grumble, grumble). So far though, everything has been going okay, it's just a lot of information to absorb.

And now for something totally unrelated:

This is what happens when I get a hold of a site with cute crap on it....I buy it!.

PS: The two lovebirds on top came from Think Geek ^-^

AAANNNND I need to preorder my Vesperia figures...
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